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Siddhant Dheer lives a wealthy lifestyle with his brother, Shashank, and sister, Anu. Both Siddhant and Shashank work for India's Anti-Terrorist Cell (ATC), along with Aditya and Aditi. ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)














































Siddhant Dheer lives a wealthy lifestyle with his brother, Shashank, and sister, Anu. Both Siddhant and Shashank work for India's Anti-Terrorist Cell (ATC), along with Aditya and Aditi. After interrogating a suspect named Altaf, they get information that terrorists are planning a major strike in Canada that may endanger 25000 lives during the month of May. Altaf tells them the mastermind behind this attack is a terrorist named Jambhal, who has a contact named Himmat Mehndi. Shashank, and Aditya fly to Canada, meet with ATC Agent Neha, and then abduct Himmat, who denies that profusely. The duo team up with Canadian Police Officer Danish "Dan", and together attempt to piece together whatever information they have gathered from Himmat, only to find out that no one is who they claim they are, and the duo find themselves entrapped in a web of deceit and lies, with no clues as to who is behind the threat - the countdown for which has already begun. It was almost like it was too much of a mediocre thing. Too Melodramatic. Even right now as I am trying to write this review, all that is truly standing out in my mind is Diya Mirza's engagement party scene and the song and dance that took place there. Oh! also the fact that Shilpa Shetty looked so great in this film.

Okay, here's the premise; Sanjay Dutt plays Siddanth Dheer the head of an elite SWAT anti-terrorist bomb squad and negotiators that also mainly includes his brother Shashank (played by Abhishek Bachchan), Aditya (played by an Uber sexy looking Zayed Khan), Aditi (played by the always svelte Shilpa Shetty) ET.AL.

One day, the team receives inside information that something big is going to go down on May 10th and they are given only about 5 days to figure out what it is. Their first lead comes when an alleged member of a terrorist group is captured for driving drunk in Canada and being held until he can be handed over to Indian authorities. Siddanth then sends two of his best men (his brother Shashank, and Aditya) to go and bring back the prisoner as well as shake him down. But unknown to them, their source, a mysterious woman named Neha has been bumped off and replaced by another mysterious woman claiming to be ATC Agent Neha (now played by Esha Deol) when the two men arrive in Canada. Shashank fails in love the instant he sees her but he keeps his mind over matter as they begin the cat and mouse game with the man they have now apprehended. He is a so-called Himmat Mehndi (played by Pankaj Kapur) who feeds them all sorts of false stories that they willing buy from him. He claims not to know what the May 10th "Operation JEET" is about but as time goes buy that will prove to be on the contrary. Things worsen back home when Siddanth and Shashank's sister (Diya Mirza's character) and her fianc辿 are kidnapped by terrorists connected with this so-called Mehndi back home. As the film rides along you will get to see that the face of terrorism has been given a make-over.

Along the way, the team acquires an interim new member named Danish 'Dan' (Played by Suniel Shetty) who works for the Canadian police and helps the case along with his Canadian inside privileges. Raima Sen plays his wife Priya, who has her own cross to bear with her husband. And trust Bollywood writers and the directors who accept the way they stereotype Black People as predators, muggers, rapists and killers is nearly every film they make. The writer in this case has made sure that a Black Person of group of Black people is the cause of Dan and Priya's grief. How ignorant, but I'm just saying.

Anyhow, don't miss Gulshan Grover in a blink and you'll miss it special appearance. American singer Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia also makes a cameo in an item number and does it well. Pankaj Kapur also sizzles with his mysterious character. My 5 point over 10 rating is strictly for the sharp look of the film and Shilpa Shetty. Note to Bollywood script writers and directors: Surface to Air Missiles are very powerful weapons. Next time, maybe you need to watch actual footage of these weapons taking down fighter jets miles and miles away from them as well as numerous war torn villages in Iraq and Afghanistan before you make your characters survive being blasted by one at close blank rage. Gosh! I wish I could role my eyes in a review! + The ending sucked big time! I liked Dus a lot even though some unfair comparisons may be made with Hollywood thrillers.

I liked Dus mainly because of its because of its slick editing. I also liked the performances of Abhishek, Shilpa Shetty, Sunjay Dutt and most of all, Pankaj Kapoor.

I loved the music. It's sharp, original and melodious without descending into chaos or plain stealing.

The cinematography was fabulous and the dialogues great.

Shipla Shetty is a treat to look at,gorgeous without being half naked or cheap.

Abhishek is going to be the next King of Bollywood. Sanjay looks mature and is an honest actor. Suneil Shetty hams throughout the movie and one is forced to wonder why he was there at all. He is so irrelevant to the script.

Zayed has a long way to go though he is quite good at shaking a leg.

More than anything else the movie is hugely entertaining even though a large dose of "willing suspension of disbelief" is required in some instances.


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